The Event

Three Days of Powerful Talks
11-13 October 2019

We All Have Hope is a three day, seven-part conference event featuring motivational speaker and life coach, Benjamin Martin, that will equip you with hope beyond the challenges and problems that life presents us with.


These seven powerful and practical sessions will deal with issues such as failure, insecurity, fatigue, relational issues, financial woes, and those larger questions like ‘why do bad things happen to me?’


We invite you to join us and let the hope that is available to us all begin to radically transform your life today. Look forward to seeing you there!


Ben Martin is a public speaker, life coach, and pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. A self-confessed ‘people’s person’, his passion is to help others discover meaning, direction, purpose, and ultimately hope in their lives. He currently resides in Christchurch with his wife and two young children.

The Speaker


The Programme

7 pm - Dealing with failure

While we like to identify with winners, the truth is that most of us fail more than we succeed. To kick off the We All Have Hope conference we will look at the hope there is for us, in spite of, and even through our failures.



4 pm - Give yourself a break

Most of us are busy and tired, and if we’re honest, tired of being busy. Discover a plan designed long ago to help us achieve balance - and build rest into our everyday lives.

5 pm - Relationship rescue

It's been said all relationships go through hell, but real relationships get through it. Let's look honestly at our relationships, and the changes we can make in order to improve them dramatically.

11 am - We've got issues

All of us have issues in our life that we want to solve, but often we end up just making the problem worse. In this presentation we will look at the role ‘I’ has in our issues, and why we need good news more than good advice.

4:30 pm - Let's talk finance

Whether we have lots or little, it's hard to get our finances right. Let's learn some principles that ensure our resources serve us, instead of us serving them.

5:15 pm - The problem of pain

What are we to do with the pain we experience in our own lives, and see in the lives of others? Does it serve any purpose, and is there a way out of it? Together we’ll explore this very human problem, seek to understand its purpose, and discover hope in the midst of it.


7 pm - Next steps

We don’t need to take all the steps for improving our lives at once - just the next one. We will reflect on the journey we’re on, and explore what the next step could look like.

6 pm - Dinner





Why is this ticket free?

Events like the We All Have Hope Conference cost thousands of dollars to run, but we are offering it free of charge to you thanks to the support of local donors and organisations who are committed to making a lasting, positive difference to help people improve their wellbeing and thrive in all areas of life. 

We All Have Hope Timaru

19 Rathmore St, West End, Timaru 7910, New Zealand